Harry Wu Gives Second Tour of the Day

Harry Wu welcomed his second class visit of the day. Interested students from Northern Virginia Community College came to the Laogai Museum and heard Mr. Wu’s testimony. If you would like to meet with Harry Wu personally and receive a guided tour of the museum, please contact the Laogai Museum.

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American University U.S. Foreign Policy Students Tour Museum with Harry Wu

The Laogai museum welcomed a class of foreign policy students from American University today. Museum founder Harry Wu gave a two hour tour to the students complete with an account of his own harrowing story in the Laogai camp system. Mr. Wu’s testimony was met with applause and a round of questions and answers.

Remember, Harry Wu is delighted by museum visitors and is willing to give tours to any visitors (provided an appointment is scheduled through the museum).

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The Laogai museum was proud to host the School for Ethics and Global Leadership today. The School for Ethics and Global Leadership brought about a dozen highly motivated high school students to speak with Harry Wu about the state of the Laogai in China today. Mr. Wu spoke about his time in the Laogai, his opinion on how democratic change will come to China, and the psychology of surviving the desolate reality of the Laogai.

Laogai Museum Update

Posted: February 23, 2013 in New Museum

The Laogai museum offers one of the most intense and intimate museum experiences in the D.C. area. Please remember that entrance into the Laogai museum is absolutely FREE. We are open Monday through Saturday and love visitors. Unlike most museum experiences, we always have a knowledgeable and passionate employee present who would love to escort and enhance your museum experience. Moreover, a simple email or phone call can arrange a FREE appointment for a museum tour with Laogai survivor, renowned international human rights activist, and published author Harry Wu.

We are located just a three minute walk from the Dupont Circle Metro Station. Please visit the Laogai museum today!

Laogai@Laogai.org  — 202.408.8300 — 1734 20th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009

Dupont Circle Advertisement

The Laogai museum has recently purchased an advertising space at the DuPont metro station. We hope that everyone has seen the advertisement and will make time as soon as possible to visit the museum.

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