Could you imagine a 13 year-old girl being imprisoned for speaking her mind? It happened to Ngawang Sangdrol and it’s happening to other peaceful Tibetans at the hands of a brutal Chinese government as we speak.

Please find both President of ICT Matteo Mecacci and Ngawang Sangdrol’s letters below.


Dear Friend,

The moving letter Ngawang Sangdrol sent you the other day is a story (you can find it below) is all too common: A young woman’s freedom taken from her for over a decade simply for expressing her dedication to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The brutal treatment of peaceful Tibetans at the hands of the Chinese government must cease, and we need a chorus of loud voices to effect change.

Together, we will help the people of Tibet in their struggle for freedom and peace – and use our collective compassion to help bring reconciliation to a country that needs it most.

Thank you for taking action on behalf of Tibetans today,

Matteo Mecacci



Dear Respected Friend,

At just 13 years of age, I became a prisoner of the Chinese authorities in Tibet. Why was I imprisoned? For speaking my mind and staying true to my ideals, my hopes, and my dreams for the future.

Along with many other young Tibetan Buddhist nuns, I was arrested for shouting, “Free Tibet” and “Long Live the Dalai Lama” outside of His Holiness’s summer home.

For my actions, I was locked away in Lhasa’s Drapchi prison for 11 years. Other nuns and I were beaten and tortured for extended periods of time. I was so small that guards could easily pick me up by my ankles and bounce my head off the concrete floor.

But, friend, today I am free.

I am living proof that any actions you take as a member of the International Campaign for Tibet will be felt in Tibet.

ICT members just like you helped win my freedom, and have been by my side ever since – receiving me at the airport, providing for my emergency health care, my slow rehabilitation from injuries, then English lessons, and arranging my affairs.

I am safe in my new home – America – and I will be forever grateful. But, friend, our work ending the atrocities in Tibet is far from over.

As a Tibetan American, I do all I can to help the Tibetan people – including encouraging new friends like you to become involved in ICT’s work. I’m not willing to let the Chinese government’s human rights violations go unopposed – and that’s why I thank you for joining our community of compassion.


Ngawang Sangdrol





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