Congressional Partnership: An Afternoon with a Congresswoman

Members of Congress are very busy. Depending on his or her state, district, committee associations or overall involvement it can be difficult to organize a sit-down.

Over the years Executive Director and founder of the Laogai Research Foundation and Museum Harry Wu has been building an esteemed relationship with Congresswoman and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), serving California’s 12th District.

Congresswoman Pelosi is publicly critical of policies in China. She has spoken out often against China’s ill practice of human rights as they consistently detain citizens who speak disapprovingly such as Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波) who continues to serve an eleven-year sentence.

Mr. Wu updated Congresswoman Pelosi on LRF’s efforts to expose China’s prisoner-made products for export to the United States. Even with the realization of an American’s first-hand experience in a labor camp little has happened during the Obama Administration to sanction Chinese goods. In April of 2013, Stuart Foster was convicted of stealing money from a colleague, but given no trial was sentenced to forced labor. For seven months, he would assemble Christmas lights for sale in America.

Over the years, Chinese President Xi Jinping (习近平) has gradually intensified persecution of ethnic minorities and continues to target figures in the media who speak disapprovingly against China’s government. Each week it seems a reporter, journalist or editor is disappearing on the street.

Mr. Wu expressed his views toward Tibet as a free state. Especially at this time of the year, March tends to put tension on relations between Tibet and China.

Finally, Congresswoman Pelosi gave her unwavering support to Mr. Wu, the Laogai Research Foundation and Museum accepting an invitation to visit in the near future. She said the promotion of China’s human rights developmental progress is the goal of her efforts in recent years.