Young Diplomats Museum Tour

A group of over 120 high school students visited the Laogai Museum as part of Hampton University’s Young Diplomats Program on Wednesday, July 15. The students received guided tours of the museum from Laogai Research Foundation staff and were treated to a presentation delivered by Executive Director Harry Wu on his experiences in China’s Laogai System. The Chinese Communist Party arrested Mr. Wu in 1960 for being a “counterrevolutionary rightist.” He subsequently spent 19 years in various labor camps before being released in 1979.

The Laogai Museum features exhibits, archived documents, and original artifacts depicting the horrors of China’s Laogai System, China’s vast system of prisons and detention facilities in which inmates are forced to labor and endure Communist Party political indoctrination. The museum exists to raise awareness of the Laogai System and human rights abuses perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

If you would like to reserve a group tour of the museum and participate in a discussion with Laogai Research Foundation Executive Director Harry Wu on China’s Laogai System, please contact us at or at 202-408-8300.IMG_3859