Groups Visit Laogai Museum

The last several weeks have been busy for the Laogai Museum.

On Thursday, February 20, a group of senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security Immigrations and Customs Enforcement visited the Laogai Museum to gain a better understanding of human rights issues in China and the ongoing exportation of labor camp products into countries like the United States. Following the museum tour, the officials participated in a lengthy discussion with Laogai Research Foundation Staff on strategies to strengthen enforcement of existing laws prohibiting the importation of labor camp products into the US.

Several students groups also visited the museum. Over a dozen University of Maryland students received a guided tour. Issues discussed during the tour included how the Chinese Communist Party has maintained power over the decades and what China’s human rights legacy will be as it becomes more of global power. High school students from the Stony Ridge School were also given a tour, watched a short documentary, and enjoyed a question and answer period with Harry Wu.