October Film Series

2pm Saturday, 10/08 & 10/22

BBC:  Prisoner Organ Donors

(43 min.)

This BBC investigative report uncovers China’s lucrative scheme of harvesting organs from executed prisoners.  Sue Lloyd-Roberts uncovers the dark secrets of China’s organ transplant business. (Contains disturbing images and footage)

60 Minutes:  Made in China

(15 min.)

Ed Bradley travels to China to expose products made in China’s forced labor prisons.  He and Harry Wu secretly film prisoners and conditions inside prison camps.  Ed and Harry pose as businessmen and meet with prison officials and secretly film trade deals.

60 Minutes: Expelled Last Thursday

(14 min.)

Harry Wu is interviewed after being released from his 66-day imprisonment in China. Harry was stopped at the Chinese border in 1995 and arrested for “stealing state secrets” as he sought to expose the Laogai prison system.

2pm Saturday, 10/15 & 10/29

Frontline:  Red Flag Over Tibet

(56 min.)

In this documentary, Orville Schell travels to Tibet to witness firsthand the effects of China’s takeover of Tibet and its and influence on the Tibetan people.  This documentary touches upon Tibet’s history before and after the Chinese Communist Party takeover.

ABC’s Nightline:  China’s One Child Policy

(21 min.)

Nightline does an investigative report on China’s One Child Policy (OCP).  Gao Xiaoduan – a former OCP enforcement official, who defected to the US in 1998 – testified at a US Congressional Hearing on the coercive tactics of OCP enforcement.  She provided photographs, videos and documents smuggled out of China, detailing the extreme methods that Chinese population control officials would employ to ensure adherence to the one child per couple regulation.